Resistance to Change Isn’t What You Think It Is with Jessica Carroll

Sep 1, 2023 | Digital Transformation, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast

Resistance to change doesn’t always show up in your team like you think it does. Jessica Carroll is an executive who has driven multiple digital transformations as a CIO and Chief Customer Experience Officer. The same lessons that apply to “going to the cloud” also apply to digital transformation and how to use AI in 2023. In this episode we discuss how it’s easy for the leader to think their teammates are resisting, but they really might just need more information; think about the problem from a different perspective; or need to wrap their head around the project in a way that’s different from you.

Listen in to this episode where Jessica describes how you can move your team from needing more information to action.

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About Jessica Carroll

Jessica Carroll is a speaker on the topics of client engagement, team culture, and digital transformation. She has been published in CIOInsight, BizTech magazine, among others, and was named a Computer World Premier 100 IT Leader. She is a contributing author to the book, Digital Transformation Demystified, in which she discussed client and employee engagement practices.

Currently Ms. Carroll is the Chief Experience Officer for Acuative, a global managed services provider. In this role she is responsible for guiding customers through their digital transformation, serving as their consultative advisor and advocate, and holds responsibility for enhancing the employee experience for the Acuative internal team. Prior to joining Acuative, Ms. Carroll was the VP, Customer Success at TenFour IT and had a noteworthy tenure in a variety of senior IT Leadership positions at the United States Golf Association, culminating in her role as the Managing Director for Information Technology where she led the infrastructure, business resilience, security, operations, and development disciplines.

Connect with Jessica

@JessCarrollTech (Twitter)