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You have big plans and new technology but need bold people to implement refined processes.

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Your team doesn’t have a shortage of great ideas or powerful tech. It lacks the communication, trust, and accountability to influence change across teams.

Old school change management can’t keep up. You can’t rely on communicating from the top and hoping your large investments get implemented at the bottom of the org chart. You want a seamless customer experience and invested in the tech to make that happen…BUT your people can’t seem to make it a reality.

Problems We Solve For

70% of digital transformations fail (latest McKinsey data)

IT isn’t leveraging the full investment in its tech stack because it can’t get enough adoption

Culture creates bigger barriers than the technology.

People will say they’re bought in but won’t take action.

Others get excited about the end goal but aren’t putting in the work to make it happen.

Everything takes longer than expected.

More indecision means more expensive projects.

More resources than have budgeted are needed.

Organizations praise innovation and reward compliance.

There’s no alignment on strategy and execution.

Karen in marketing won’t change her password from Password1 because she doesn’t take IT seriously.

Even if there’s a great plan, teams won’t know where to get started.

These are people challenges, not technology problems.

Digital  and business transformation happens when your teams connect with each other, prioritize the most impactful work, and stay focused on results.

Stefanie Krievins and her expert faculty will guide you and your team through complex change management challenges — a.k.a hot messes. We focus on our two areas of expertise only: people and change.

These programs will guide your leaders at all levels — a.k.a Pro Troublemakers — from stuck and frustrated to confident and clear:

  • Change Readiness Assessments for entire organizations or targeted at teams and individuals
  • Training: skillbuilding and teambuilding for that group of people responsible for wildly important goals
  • Executive coaching: new perspectives for leaders who need to get out of their heads and start taking focused action
  • Masterclasses: online AND interactive learning experiences that make change stick
  • Speaking: when you and your meeting planner need a company-wide or sales kick-off speaker to deliver inspiration and challenge; or if you’re a podcast host looking for a fascinating conversation

Every problem has a solution. Put yourself on our calendar to start the conversation with a strategy call.

Fixing Hot Messes. Creating Pro Troublemakers.

We are The Change Architects.

Your team gets our team. We are a group of diverse, experienced coaches and consultants from a wide variety of industries and roles: IT, supply chain management, nonprofits, consulting, startups, and the executive boardroom.

Your custom change management strategy is crafted with organization-wide input AND implemented with accountability.

Our development programs focus on the intersection of four disciplines: self leadership, team leadership, individual change readiness, and organizational change.

Stefanie is the real deal. We’ve worked together on multiple projects and you just can’t beat her energy and absolute dedication to challenging the status quo. She operates in a continual “no spin zone” which I love!

For anyone looking at coaching, let me share a couple things that will help you make a decision:
– Stefanie is 100% dedicated to your success.
– She will challenge you! This is a good thing, trust me.
– She will be your biggest cheerleader!
– Stefanie understands the psychology and challenges of leadership.

Don’t second guess this, just work with her!

– Steve Johnson, Executive Leader

To say that my experiences with Stefanie Krievins & Co, have been fantastic, would be selling them short. Every interaction has brought fantastic insights, guidance, and purpose professionally and personally. I could not recommend their services more (They only give me 5 stars). If you are looking for personal/professional leadership growth, reach out, it has changed my life and career, and hopefully it will do the same for you.

– Michael Loggins, VP of IT

My employer engaged Stefanie Krievins & Co. to assist me with professional development coaching. She was easy to work with and helped me identify goals, develop myself and achieve these goals. Highly recommend working with Stefanie!

– Lindsey Anderson, Accounting Manager

Stefanie is among one of my favorite business coaches I’ve ever worked with. She knew exactly what to do to get results out of our team. She’s funny and just an all around joy to work with!

– Rachel Richards, Director of People and Culture

Our organization engaged Stefanie Krievins & Co. as many of our team members struggled with the personal and professional uncertainty inherent in weathering the COVID-19 pandemic. Stefanie and her colleagues helped our team members face forward, embrace the opportunities in front of them and take action.

– Maureen Weber, CEO