Example of Technical Debt and Its Cultural Consequences with Ken Knapton

Apr 5, 2024 | Digital Transformation, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast, Project Management and Change

How about a specific example of technical debt and its cultural consequences? Ken Knapton shares a real world example where tech silos and cultural silos reinforce each other. This company had several overlapping solutions that wasted money and created at least $5 million in cash expense — while individuals were losing their jobs!

If you’re struggling to articulate the case for why technical debt is holding your enterprise back, listen to this episode for the real world implications, criteria to evaluate and quantify, how to know you have a problem, and how to leverage your tech debt to the tune of 50%.

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About Ken Knapton

Ken Knapton is an accomplished technology leader with extensive experience in leading IT functions, driving efficiency, automation, and delivering improved business outcomes. Ken has a proven track record in identifying and solving complex business problems, implementing sustainable solutions, and driving process improvements that transform business operations and bottom-line results.

Ken is dedicated to the growth and development of talent, serving as an effective leader, mentor, and coach. Ken enhances employee capabilities by setting objectives, establishing accountability, and fostering a high-performance culture. Ken has secured multiple patents and is recognized as a subject matter expert and trusted resource throughout the technology industry. He has been selected to present at high-profile engagements, serves as a Forbes Technology Council contributor, and has been published multiple times.

About Rocky Mountain CIO

At Rocky Mountain CIO, they provide strategic Information Technology (IT) direction and advice to small and medium sized businesses who aren’t ready to hire a full time Chief Information Officer. They help small and medium sized businesses to align their IT spend with their long-term business goals. Their model is unique in that they don’t simply consult by the hour, they become an extension of the customer’s executive team – working to understand their business, and to help them make key strategic decisions with regard to their information technology so their business can grow and thrive.

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