Your Life’s Work is to Feel Alive

Nov 1, 2016 | Life Coaching Blogs

Our clients, colleagues, and organizations are best served by competent, passionate people who are self aware and doing impactful work. If you’re like so many, your career has taken many unexpected twists and turns. I’m guessing that several years ago, you never could have imagined you’d be where you are today.

No matter where you’re at today, you can always choose a more impactful future, both in your career and life. Many of us leave our career to our employers, waiting on them to decide when we get our next raise, or promotion, or big opportunity. The secret is that you have more control than you know.


Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

―Howard Thurman

The truth is that great organizations are looking for people to fully leverage their own skills, constantly build on their strengths, and find creative paths to add value. They’re not looking for perfection; they’re looking for energy and focus.

In short, by tapping into your own passion and value, your career can be what you want it to be. You just have to be willing to ask for it.

In order to do that, you first need to define and decide what you want to become really, really good at: what do you want your expertise to be? What do you want your presence to stand for?

The secret to creating your own path (and feeling fully alive) is in this three-step process.

  1. You decide what kind of career and life you want to have and set the vision.
  2. You seek and find what you need in order to be challenged and bring value to the world.
  3. You continuously work towards the vision, allowing other people and other organizations to play a role in accomplishing your vision.

Notice that each of those sentences start with YOU! The plan and the action are your responsibility! What do you need to do today to take radical responsibility for your happiness and future? I’d love to know!