What is Change Management Training?

Sep 28, 2020 | Team Training

If you think change is hard, you’re doing it wrong. And you’re probably doing change management training wrong, too.

So what is change management training, and what’s the number one secret that every Pro Troublemaker knows about change? Friends, that’s what I’m talking about in today’s video.

Change, and change management training, can be challenging. It can be rewarding. And it can be FUN!

If you think that sounds much better than what’s currently happening with your team when you try to introduce change, this video is for you.

I’m hitting 3 key points today in helping you to identify what change management training is best for your situation. First, I’ll talk about how to determine which type of change you’re trying to create. You’ve got to be sure you’re using the best tools for the right stage, and be prepared for the time it might take to accomplish it.

Next, I’ll discuss how to improve change management by identifying the right level of training for your team. You’re going to be tempted to skip ahead of this step, but it’s ultimately going to slow you down.

And finally, I’ll share my best recommendation on exactly where you should start when you introduce change to your team. It’s all about equipping your team with the skills they need for success.

Pro Troublemakers know that successfully answering “What is Change Management?” is critical for leaders. If you haven’t seen my Pro Troublemaker series, I encourage you to go back and watch these videos here!

You can binge watch the entire set here in under 40 minutes. These videos address really common work woes like “When Your Vision Seems Impossible,” “Unify Your Team,” and “Change Starts When You Follow Through,” with easy to follow information and real tools you can use.

Check out the video below for my thoughts on what is change management training, and how can you use it successfully with your team, and in your organization!

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Here’s the secret that every Pro Troublemaker knows, change is not hard. When you know what change management training is and what your team needs to create real lasting change, then change can actually be fun, rewarding, and challenging all at the same time.

It’s Stefanie Krievins, the founder of the Pro Troublemaker Nation, where I share tips and encouragement so you can fix your hot messes. And today I’m answering the question, what is change management training?

Let me dig into 3 points on this. The first is that there are 3 ways to do change in our businesses. And you have to make sure you’re applying the right kind of training to the right level of change.

Those 3 levels are individual change, organizational change, and enterprise-level change. So enterprise-level change is a huge big shift in a business that pretty much changes their business model. They have to bring in significant new talent, significant new types of skill sets, in order to accomplish something really big and huge. This takes a decade, even multiple decades to pull off.

The second piece of change that’s really important in a way to think about customizing your change management training to what you need is that you have to address the change management training at the right level for what your team needs.

I recently had a potential client come to me and they wanted a cultural change. They wanted to start with organizational change for something that’s really big. And if you’ve listened to the first season of my podcast, you know that cultural change and true organizational change does not happen until step eight. That’s eight out of eight steps, my friends. You gotta start at step one, which is creating urgency for change. And they weren’t willing to invest that time because they wanted to skip over some steps.

The third piece to making sure that your change management training hits at the right level is that you, and this is my recommendation, this is Stefanie Krievins. Start with individual change so that your team is always ready, flexible, and adaptable for what comes next. I call this business yoga. They need to be ready for uncertainty. They need to be ready for the unknowns.

2020 has certainly brought us a ton of that. And 2021 and beyond into the economic disaster recovery, that is ahead of us, will continue to bring us even more. So we need to equip our teams now. Our direct reports with the skills to remain flexible and adaptable for the times ahead.

Every Pro Troublemaker knows the mindset that is needed now more than ever. And if you haven’t watched that video series, about how to be a Pro Troublemaker, I encourage you to go back and watch that. We’ll link to that here in this blog post.

But you’ve got to be ready, nimble, focused, and adaptable to create individual change in order to create organizational change. Friends that wraps it up on my end to answer the question, what is change management training.

Now it’s time to get off the internet. Let’s be a hot mess fixer, that gets the most important work and change done right now. And I’ll see you soon.