There’s a place that needs you.

Mar 30, 2015 | Life Coaching Blogs

And you need a place.

For his entire life, Mike Elliott grew up thinking that he would be a pastor. From the time he was a young boy to his first role as a youth pastor, he thought that this was it. And then he realized it wasn’t.

He moved halfway across the world to what he thought would be THE career that would be where he was meant to be. Guess what? That wasn’t it either.

He’s come to learn that there is no no one thing that makes us who we are. Our journey makes us who we are. And, if we’re paying attention, our journey takes us to places we never thought we’d end up (like falling in love with a Hoosier while living in Canada!).

Throughout our life’s journey, there is always a place that needs us; and we need that place.

This early episode has been removed, and you can listen to the latest episodes of the Hot Mess Hotline podcast instead.

Outreach, Inc. serves more than 400 youth each year near downtown Indianapolis. My husband and I live about 4 blocks from their building and are brand new volunteers there. I’m excited to share with you the stories we hear from those who will touch our lives there. Hopefully we can do the same for the kids there, too. Read more about Mike’s work here.

Outreach Inc