Employee team training with Stefanie Krievins

Employee Team Training

Your team of employees is responsible for goals necessary to thrive beyond 2022 and they’re just not hitting the mark. Use better team training solutions to accelerate results.

Employee Team Training

​Your employee team must define success into the next normal. Right now you’ve got a team that has hit a roadblock. They have increased demands on their time. Since every problem seems like a dumpster fire, they don’t know where to point the fire hose so they point it at each other.

Your employees are not communicating in the best ways, so there’s mistrust, icky conflict, and stalled results. Individuals are opting out of following the rules that used to work and they’ve lost focus and accountability. There doesn’t seem to be enough motivation to consistently deliver.

There are many obstacles to change:

  • a lack of focus with too many priorities
  • info isn’t getting to the right places so the right people can make the best decisions
  • team members aren’t contributing in the best way possible, or even according to their job descriptions
  • fear and analysis paralysis keep work from happening
  • employee teams are using uncertainty as an excuse for inaction

If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. But every obstacle has a solution, and a better tool to help get the job done. Talk to Stefanie about what you see in your team right now, and figure out a better way.

What You’ve Already Tried with your Team Isn’t Enough to Fix This

​You’ve tried facilitating a different kind of team conversation yourself among your employees. You’ve tried sending your people to a workshop or two. You’ve held the book club. Now you’re considering cutting the department’s professional development budget because none of this corporate team training seems to stick.

You see other high-performing teams of employees and want what they have: open debate about ideas, trust, consistent results, low turnover, high retention, emotional engagement in the work, and individuals ready for increased responsibility. You want to know how to build trust at work, how to improve communication within a team, and how to manage conflict within a team so that healthy debate can happen for the good of the company.

The status quo just won’t cut it anymore. You’re ready for your team to do something great together and you know it’s possible. Up until now, you’ve been choosing the wrong tools. Stefanie offers more effective and impactful corporate team development solutions that lead to lasting results.

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Our Leadership team at Creative Works worked with Stefanie throughout what was a tumultuous 2020 and she was great at helping provide us tools to help handle the unknown. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their business and their team’s capabilities.

Armando Lanuti, CEO

You have the choice to level up your business in many ways, but coaching is the most powerful and produces the best long-term results. These Stefanie Krievins & Co. clients share, in their own words, how coaching transformed them, their teams, and their businesses. They got the results they were seeking and so much more.

Experience Stefanie Krievins & Co.’s Employee Team Training

In today’s learning environment and competitive landscape, employee workshops just won’t cut it. There are too many distractions once your team gets back to the office. They deserve the opportunity to learn the small steps that lead to lasting success. This is the difference between training and development.

Stefanie’s experience working with corporate employee teams of all sizes has helped her to develop processes and resources to guide them on how to build trust at work, how to improve communication within a team, how to focus their goals, and how to work together. And yes, even how to manage conflict within a team.

Stefanie Krievins & Co.’s Approach to Employee Team Training

Chances are you’ve been having these problems for awhile and an all-day retreat isn’t going to fix your hot mess, but it can be a great place to start. Stefanie will recommend a series of events to combine the principles of effective change management and leadership with the practical steps it takes to solve your real problems.

  1. You and Stefanie will identify the specific outcomes your business needs.
  2. The SK&Co. team will meet with your corporate team to identify their goals.
  3. We’ll craft joyous and interactive trainings to meet the combined goals.
  4. We’ll proactively manage all logistics for a seamless experience.
  5. You and Stefanie will debrief the project outcomes after all learning sessions.

As you’ve experienced, getting a team of employees to move toward common goals with common actions takes intentionality, and the responsibility for change doesn’t just lie with the leader. Working with Stefanie Krievins & Co., you can learn to share responsibility with each person on your team through more powerful professional development that meets them where they’re at.

What have other teams accomplished?

Stefanie Krievins & Co. works with leaders at all stages of growth. Here are some goals that other clients have identified and achieved:

  • Making better, faster decisions together as a team
  • Tapping into the skills and opinions of all team members to encourage discussions and healthy debate
  • Avoiding wasting time and energy on politics, confusion, and destructive conflict
  • Avoiding wasting time talking about the wrong issues and revisiting the same topics over and over because of a lack of buy-in
  • Developing individual employee self awareness to build confidence and adapting to others’ styles
  • Creating trust and cohesion among the individual leaders into one aligned team
  • Implementing a plan to bring projects to their natural completion. Preparing their teams for 100% implementation and continued adoption
  • Advancing conflict resolution skills through behavioral agreements
  • Learning tools for time management and change management that will create consistency and integration across the teams. Leaders will feel productive, and that they have systems in place to manage their workload.

Every problem has a solution. Put yourself on our calendar to start the conversation.