You know my kind of people have the #protroublemaker mindset, right? But what does that REALLY mean? It’s about teamwork, curiosity, and growth. And it starts with taking a goo-oo-oo-d look at yourself. Have you done that?

Self-awareness is a huge deal for the Pro Troublemaker. Leadership starts from within. So have you taken the time to consider the big questions for yourself? This video can help you explore your own “special powers” and find what matters most to you.

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– Hey there friend, it’s Stefanie Krievins, founder of the Pro Troublemaker Nation. And in this video I’m kicking off the series to say what are the 10 steps that you must take to be a Pro Troublemaker and in today’s video, I’m gonna talk about step one, friends this is the foundation for all other steps so I need you to spend more time on this one than all the others. This is the one that answers the question, who am I and what is my work to do here in the planet? What kind of Pro Troublemaker do I want to be? And here are three ways that you can answer that question. These are not easy, but they’re simple and they’re straightforward when you spend the time reflecting and taking action to really answer these questions. So the first step is get to know yourself, know who you are, know what your work is and do that by considering taking some assessments that will add kind of an objective lens to really help you understand what makes you tick, what’s your secret sauce? Why do you do the things that you do kind of as a knee jerk reaction? Do you wanna change that? Yes or no? Some of these you might wanna keep. And my favorite is the DISC assessment, it’s a scientifically validated behavioral assessment. The first time I read mine, I was like, oh this is why people think I’m an asshole. So DISC stands for your level of dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. I am super high with my level of dominance and I’m super high with my level of influence. I have zero S, I’ve zero patience, I was made with none, right, I know this about myself. This assessment helped me figure that out about myself and why certain people might interpret my behaviors in a certain way that didn’t help me build a great reputation so I worked to change that. Another assessment you might consider is the Enneagram, that’s a really popular one right now, it’s deep, it’s spiritual, has a long history to it. Other ones you might use in your workplace Predictive Index, Hogan Leadership Assessment, as long as it’s scientifically valid, it’s gonna give you a really great result to add another level of information to help you get to know yourself. Second step to getting to know yourself and what your work is to do is sit down and define what are your values? What’s really important to you? What’s your mission here in this world? What’s your vision for your life that you want to create for yourself, for your organization, for your family, for the globe in a relatively short amount of time while we’re here on this planet. Now Stefanie, you’re probably saying, oh, you’re asking me to find my purpose I don’t know my purpose. Here’s the deal, you don’t find your purpose your purpose finds you when you take action which leads to the third step. Know what is your hell yes work to do and what is your hell no work to do. Now everyone has in their job stuff that they don’t like to do, that needs to be 20% or less of your time at work. So if you’re spending more than 20% of your time on stuff you don’t like to do, you need to recalibrate how you’re spending your time, what assignments you’re saying yes to, what assignments you’re saying no to, because the reality is is if you say yes to work that is not yours to do, you are taking away from other hell yes moments that people could be having. You’re taking away from their joy. You’re taking away from their challenge and their growth because you’re saying yes out of obligation. So as a Pro Troublemaker, we know what is our work to do, we know what is our hell yeses, we know what is our hell nos and we know what is the 20% of stuff that just has to get done. All right my friend, step one of being a Pro Troublemaker, know what is your work to do while you’re here on this planet with your values, your vision, and your mission are. Now let’s get off the internet and get the real work done and I’ll see you soon.

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