Stefanie is not afraid to ask the tough questions. Her ability to ask thoughtful and challenging questions has allowed me to dig deeper and make changes that would have been difficult on my own without an accountability partner. Her honesty and ability to be vulnerable as well makes me realize that I’m not alone and that change is possible.

Kellie from Indianapolis

I hit a bump in the road. It became increasingly apparent that I had to learn new skills to help me lead rather than drive results. That’s where Stefanie’s guidance helped me become a better employee and a better manager. I learned to think about leadership in a different light. I learned how to challenge people in a way that made them feel the desire to do more for the team and for the company.

Using the skills I learned from Stefanie, I was able to transition into a new role in less than a year; a role specifically designed for talent management, learning, and developing others. Stefanie’s knowledge related to coaching has been instrumental in helping me learn to succeed in light of new demands and a changing cultural landscape.

Jamie, Director of Organizational Development and Learning

I highly recommend working with Stefanie on any project. Stefanie has high integrity, a get it done attitude, and the ability to connect expectations and deliverables with ease and grace. You never have to wonder if Stefanie will deliver—she over delivers! I loved working with her on a highly successful project, and I credit her for the majority of the success. If you ever have the opportunity, Stefanie is a great person to be on your team.

Lynn from Philadelphia

Stefanie Krievins is quietly brilliant and truly amazing! As a small business owner of a successful business of twenty four years, I felt like I had leveled out. I felt stuck. I hired Stefanie to help me re-examine my business and help me get to the next level. Her experience and direction proved invaluable. She opened up my eyes to what I was doing and guided me toward ways to improve. It wasn’t so much her good business advice that she gave, but rather her ability to listen and help me to self-evaluate myself that created the breakthrough for me. If you are a business owner looking for ways to improve your practice and you are willing to be open to Stefanie’s no-nonsense approach to constructive criticism you ought to hire her.

David, Small Business CEO

I never saw myself as someone who would make use of a personal coach. I’d always assumed that coaching was for high-powered executives, not “regular” people. Boy, was I wrong. I began working with Stefanie at a time when I was facing some daunting personal and professional challenges. I felt overwhelmed by the choices, and was becoming increasingly unhappy. Talking with friends didn’t help; merely having access to a sympathetic listener didn’t move me closer to practical solutions. If anything, it kept me stuck in my story.

Working with Stefanie in a coaching relationship was what I needed. When I talked about my challenges, she seemed to know what questions to ask — questions that never occurred to me. She derailed my path of unhappiness, helping me to stop and look at things in a new way. She never once told me what to think or what to do; it’s as though she drew the solutions out of me. I came away from the experience feeling more relaxed and much more flexible about my life. The challenges didn’t go away. It’s just that I have more tools available to meet them.

Mary from Indianapolis

I recently co-facilitated a non-profit board retreat with Stef and had a terrific experience witnessing per unique approach to personal growth and organizational commitment. She has a unique ability to identify strengths and weakness and to coach with honesty, sincerity, humor, and compassion. Our group took a lot from Stef’s approach and were energized for the year ahead.

Jeremy, Artful Fundraiser

In just a few sessions, Stefanie was able to help me move from a deep longing for more meaning and clarity in my life to a clearer image of who I am, how I want to live my life, and how I can begin taking steps forward toward that vision. She is a gifted coach: warm, caring, and compassionate, with the ability to ask precisely the right questions to help you access the wisdom that is just waiting for you to find inside of you.

Noelle from Louisville