We are The Change Architects 

We Fix Hot Messes 

We Create Pro Troublemakers 




Every problem has a solution.

Sustainable change demands more than a generic “site plan”.

Bridge your Strategic Plan to your Operations plan with a custom Orangeprint.

The Change Architects focus on upskilling your team at scale to activate a culture of continuous evolution. 

Leadership Development

  • Unleash Leadership Potential: Through DISC, Enneagram, The Five Behaviors, and other scientifically validated and data-backed assessments we’re certified in, we’ll uncover true strengths, weaknesses, and leadership styles. Customized coaching plans are then crafted to bridge skill gaps and unlock leadership potential. Your leaders’ performance and influence for greater impact become elevated.
  • Empower Confidence: We provide executive coaching with proven human behavioral change strategies to build trust and navigate complex situations. Through learning and application to real business goals of your company, the skills to inspire and motivate teams to achieve ambitious goals are developed and practiced.
  • Cultivate Thriving Teams: We facilitate open communication and collaboration through workshops and team-building exercises. Effective leadership practices are developed that empower individuals and strengthen team dynamics. This creates the foundation for success with improved morale, productivity, and goal achievement. Start to Get Shift Done!

Change Readiness


  • Chart the Course for Transformation: We conduct a thorough assessment of your current state, helping you visualize your desired future. This includes building a custom “Orange Print” (your unique blueprint for change) that outlines the roadmap to success. This process allows for change management strategy to be embedded within your business strategy.
  • Enable Your Team for Change: We foster engagement and connection by facilitating open communication across all levels. Through project launches and facilitated collaboration sessions, we ensure everyone is aligned and engaged with the unified strategy. They’ll understand their role in achieving it as they’ll be part of building the compelling vision stories for years into the future that align with your company’s strategic plan.
  • Navigate Change with Confidence: Our expert guidance connects the dots on what is working and what is not to equip your team with the tools and support needed to embrace and thrive through the transition. We lead by example, ensuring a smooth path to your new and improved state.
Change Management Assessments

Talent Experience

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  • Fuel Lifelong Learning: We foster, promote, and build a culture of continuous upskilling through engaging training programs and resources like our adult-centric and action-focused Masterclasses with custom deliverables related to your business goals. These online courses bring skills to your people at scale. Ultimately, empowering your employees (and your company) to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Embrace the Climb: We cultivate a strong sense of progression by providing clear career paths and opportunities for growth. Regular feedback and transparent communication ensure employees can see and feel the forward momentum in their development.
  • Invest In and Value Your People: We demonstrate trust and value through active listening, recognition programs, and opportunities for employees to contribute meaningfully. This fosters a sense of ownership and builds a loyal, engaged workforce. Long gone are the times of hiring and firing solely for skills, human or technical!


Communications & Project Management

  • Create Capacity: We take the administrative burden off your operations teams by crafting a clear “Site Map” (your unifying project plan) and fully managing its execution with all stakeholders. This frees your team to focus on core activities.
  • Crystal Clear Communication: We develop a formal communications program for you, keeping everyone informed at every stage without using the valuable time and energy of your marketing team. This ensures transparency, fosters collaboration, and ultimately leads to project success.
  • Knowledge Transfer for Sustainability: Our approach goes beyond just managing your current project. By training your team to leverage a true project management approach, we empower them with the “how” to execute future projects and change independently. This reduces reliance on external support and fosters a sustainable in-house capability. (Read: you won’t have to hire us for your next big project!)
Change Management Motivational Speaker, Stefanie Krievins


Every problem has a solution.

Why We May Not be the Best Fit

The Pro Troublemaker Nation team isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! You may not want to reach out if you:

  • Think the reason you or your team can’t succeed is someone else’s fault and you’re not willing to look in the mirror.
  • Want to blame the past more than design your future.
  • Want someone to just give you specific directions on how to be successful.
  • Don’t believe change is possible.
  • Aren’t curious about next-level growth.
  • Think you can just continue doing what you’ve been doing but somehow get the success you deserve.

We don’t believe any of that either. Let us show you how to create your next-level success!