Scaling Without Structure Creates Burnout in IT with Tonya Wallace

Jun 7, 2024 | Accountability, Change Management, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast

Scaling without structure in IT often allows bad behaviors to create toxicity in a culture. The Change Architect’s executive coach, Tonya Wallace, shares an experience scaling a team where one person’s toxic behavior was limiting autonomy, creativity, and decision making. This team had recently gone from launching an innovative product to then maintaining it — but the team hadn’t adapted its speed and practices to this new way of working.

Tonya shares how she helped bring self awareness, scalability, and structure that drastically improved trust and culture in a very quick way. Her quote blew me away, “Play chess with your hands behind your back and all you can use is your words.” This is influence in our modern working world. This is the key tool we have: our voice. As an ambitious leader, wouldn’t you want to use your most powerful tool in the most powerful way? This conversation will increase your power! Won’t you give it a listen?

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About Tonya Wallace

Tonya Wallace is known as a Culture Guru and Agile Jedi. She combines leadership coaching, lean thinking and agility to develop high performing individuals and teams. As a Solutions Delivery Director for Cox Automotive, she supports one of the top revenue drivers that transforms the way cars are bought and sold within the Automotive industry.

As a technologist for over 20 years, she is the owner of Gideon VI, a M/WBE Indy based Tech company. In addition, Wallace is a John Maxwell team member, life coach, and DISC trainer, teaching self-awareness through understanding behavioral styles thereby reducing anxiety and improving communication within teams and promoting a healthy team culture.

As a DEI enthusiast, she is known for her dynamic and engaging speaking style and information packed facilitation. Also known as “The Sports Mom”, Wallace enjoys spending time with all six of her children, watching them thrive in Corporate America, entrepreneurship, and in the athletic arena. She loves to use her skills to combine agile principles, leadership skills and emotional intelligence strategies to drive a sense of ownership and self motivation to empower, influence and motivate those around her to raise the bar to achieve personal and professional goals. She feels blessed to be a vessel to others!

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