Rules to Live By for Good Leaders and Bad Leaders with Chris Clews

May 1, 2022 | Gen X in the Workplace, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast

Chris Clews, speaker and author, bring us rules to live by for good and bad leaders straight from the 80s! Again! He has such a valuable perspective to share (and we have laugh so much when we’re together), I just had to have him back.

This time we’re talking about Road House and other 80s favorites. Plus if you’re thinking about pivoting your career or there’s a creative idea you keep thinking and dreaming about, Chris has some great advice on how to take action on it.

Here’s just a snippet of all the lightbulb moments you’ll get from this fun and insightful conversation:

  • Don’t underestimate your opponent.
  • Continue to expect the unexpected.
  • Take it outside…to have the tough conversation.
  • You don’t always have to be nice.
  • Be the Cooler as a leader.
  • Time will pass regardless. How you use it is what makes the difference.
  • It’s always the right time to reinvent yourself.
  • A new tattoo suggestion
  • Do what’s right for you…not what’s expected of you
  • No one knows what they’re doing
  • Act on those little ideas that you keep thinking about
  • You have to put in the work to make your dreams come true
  • We’re all weird. Don’t hide it.
  • Start small and keep going.
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About Chris Clews

Chris Clews is a speaker and author of the book series “What 80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Today’s Workplace.” Growing up in the 80s and with over 20 years of experience in corporate marketing he knew 2 things very well: 80s pop culture and business. So he combined the two and created “What 80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Today’s Workplace”.

He’s spoken to a diverse set of organizations and companies including Visa, DHL, University of Florida, UPenn Medicine, WIFS (Women in Insurance and Financial Services), DisruptHR and more. He’s a frequent guest on podcasts with topics ranging from workplace culture to 80s pop culture and he has been referenced or interviewed in numerous publications such as and Esquire UK magazine.

A graduate of Elon University in North Carolina, Chris has held marketing leadership positions in a variety of companies ranging from Planet Hollywood to DHL. He’s passionate about animal rescue and donates a portion of the proceeds from his book and speaking engagements to the SPCA International. He lives by the quote from the poet laureate Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


Follow him on Amazon, so you can get even more life and career lessons from the 80s with his latest books.

Listen to our first episode together here on the Hot Mess Hotline.