Pro Troublemakers know that communicating effectively isn’t just about getting your point across.

Think about the last meeting you attended where you just felt stuck. Nothing was getting accomplished, no one was engaged, and frankly, most people weren’t sure why they were there.

Hopefully, you weren’t the one in charge.

But hey, don’t worry friend! Even if you were, it’s not too late to change! Communicating with influence is all about setting your intentions, finding out what motivates your team members, and putting it all together so that your ideas are met with engagement and change.

The best part it, you don’t even need all the answers. Pro Troublemakers also know that they don’t know it all and they stay open to the ideas of those around them!

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Transcript: – Hey there friend, it’s Stefanie Krievins, founder of the Pro Troublemaker Nation, and today we are on step six, of 10, of becoming a Pro Troublemaker. I hope you are well on your journey, and using the lessons that you’re learning in this video series. To create even more change in this world. So here’s step six. Pro Troublemakers, know how to influence those around them. They are intentional, and, they adapt to other people’s great ideas. So here’s the thing about Pro Troublemakers. We know, that we need to ask other people, we need to get curious about what’s important to them, so that then we can help meet their needs, and make it more likely that they can meet our needs. This applies at work, and at home. So in the workplace as a mid-level leader, you are stuck in the middle, of variety of other people’s expectations, right? So as a mid-level leader, you are required to not only show up with authenticity, give your team what they need, and give your managers what they need. So what you have to do regardless of your level, regardless of your title, is meet people where they’re at, and be intentional about how you show up during the day. So as a Pro Troublemaker, you need to know that when you step into the room full of vice presidents at your company, you know what they’re most concerned about, taking action and getting results. So that’s how you communicate. That’s what you give them. And then when you leave that room, you exit. Exit that room and step into a room with your team of direct reports. You know, that they wanna know, who are the people involved? What resources do we have? What processes are we gonna follow to get there? And then what results are we gonna get? Because your team, probably is coming outta project from a very different perspective, than that room full of vice presidents that you were just in. So as a Pro Troublemaker, you know that every room you step into, you need to be intentional with your energy, with how you communicate, with what message you deliver, to that group of stakeholders, that’s important to your work. And to go along with that, every single meeting that you’re a part of, is intentional. It has outcome based agenda, which means, every agenda answers the question, “What decisions do we need to solve here today? What problems do we need to create solutions for, in this meeting?” Can you imagine Pro Troublemaker? every single meeting you’re a part of, is actually a great use of your time. You get to do that when you accept the responsibility of being a Pro Troublemaker, because you’re intentional. All right friends, that’s step six of 10. Now, let’s get off the internet. Let’s be intentional with the rest of our day, and I’ll see you soon.

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