Old Habits Can’t Create New Results with Tedra White

Mar 17, 2023 | Hot Mess Hotline Podcast, Strategic Planning

Change feels hard when we try to use old habits to drive new results. No one knows that better than our very own faculty member, Tedra White. On this episode of the Hot Mess Hotline, we talk through big career transitions; how bad employees create amazing results and how to turn them into great employees that create amazing results; what gets us stuck during transformation; and the power of coaching through all of this.

Tedra shares her coaching perspective, why you might want to work with her, and what to expect. After listening I hope you’ll find her as awesome as I do and see why she’s a natural fit here at Stefanie Krievins & Co.

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Listen on Libysn
Listen on Libysn

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About Tedra White

As a career and leadership development coach and expert, Tedra helps people be the best of who they have been called to be. She equips her clients with the tools and strategies that help guide them, as they take the consistent actions needed, to get to where they desire to be.

She uses her 20+ years of experience working and leading in business, higher education, and nonprofits to change the way women engage as leaders. She understands the importance of women’s voices being.

Tedra holds 2 degrees from University of Georgia, making her a Double Dawg of UGA; plus an MPA from the University of West Georgia. Additionally, she holds an Advanced Certification in Communication with True Colors International and is a certified John Maxwell Team member. When she is not empowering others, she is spending time with her husband and 2 wonderful and talented children.