Making Decisions Isn’t Hard, Taking Action on the Decision is Hard with Alexei Miller

Dec 8, 2023 | Hot Mess Hotline Podcast, Leadership Development, Resilience

Making decisions isn’t always hard, but taking action on the decisions can be hard. Alexei Miller is a leader who lived that firsthand when his company’s locations were caught in the middle of international conflict. When Russia invaded Ukraine, Data Art’s “people first” philosophy was put to the test.

A decision for their Ukrainian employees felt like a betrayal of their Russian colleagues. And a decision for their Russian colleagues felt like a betrayal of their Ukrainian colleagues. Which people do you put first when global politics interrupts everything? And you have employees who need to be moved to safety and you have the resources to help?

These decisions aren’t easy but they have to be made. Listen in as Alexei shares how the entire company and their clients pitched in to help during difficult times and no-win decisions.


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About Alexei Miller

As a member of the group of founders who worked here since day one, Alexei sees himself as a company builder, not a manager. He cares about everything that’s going on, but also recognizes that we often don’t control our teams but rather have to give them space and support to develop. He was lucky to join DataArt back in 1997 while still in the university, studying math and computer science. At that point, he and his colleagues had no specific vision for the company they would eventually become; they were just doing what they enjoyed. Two decades later, they turned DataArt into a global enterprise with over 5,700 employees and over $300M in annual turnover. 

Today they are a global software engineering firm that takes a uniquely human approach to software development. They help clients create custom systems to improve operations and open new markets. Powered by our People First principle, they work with clients at any scale and on any platform, helping unleash technology innovation.

He is excited to be a part of this incredible journey with all its ups and downs, crises, and victories.

Alexei’s areas of interest and expertise are:
– Distributed software development operations
– Outsourcing and technology risk management
– Financial technology
– Organizational culture in the 21st century, including remote working, digital services, and security
– New ways for assessing IT value-for-money

Apart from work, he enjoys theater and classical music, tennis, and, most of all, traveling.

About DataArt

Alexei Miller is a Managing Director at DataArt. He leads global technology consultancy’s strategic sales and client engagement efforts, focusing on IT strategy, new system development, and technology innovation.

Some numbers to describe DataArt:
– 5,700+ professionals
– 25+ years in operation
– 20+ offices in the USA, Europe, Central Asia, and Latin America
– 95% of colleagues would recommend us as an employer (Team satisfaction survey 2021)
– 95% returning clients

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