If You’re Involved You Own It: Extreme Ownership for IT Leaders with Brian Burk

Apr 26, 2024 | Accountability, Change Management, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast

Extreme ownership for IT leaders means: if you’re involved, you own it. Brian Burk brings his IT leadership experience to our conversation with his wise counsel and practical tools for accountability. Today’s projects are complex and have moving targets. It’s easy to want to avoid responsibility for results. But you’re here because you’re a leader that wants to see big change so avoidance is unacceptable.

Brian shares multiple tools to bring more change and accountability — all while making a successful business even more successful. There are training ideas and a process for group brainstorming called SARGE. Listen in for ways to bring more ownership into your teams.

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Lead Kick Ass Meetings

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About Brian Burk

Brian A Burk, MBA began his healthcare and life science career as a pharmaceutical and medical device representative. He went on to roles leading US sales operations, Phase IV clinical trials and marketing for multiple global brands in Big Pharma. He has led numerous organizations who provided either healthcare data, analytics, compliance services and/or technology services to the FDA, physician groups, manufacturers, PBMs and hospitals. Additionally, he founded, built, and successfully sold the IP to two healthcare technology companies, which provided e-prescribing and pharmacy routing services respectively. He won the Innovation and Quality awards from eHealthcare Leadership in 2011, 2012 & 2013.

Brian’s passion is centered around health and wellness, having worked with leaders in the sports, wellness and anti-aging industries. In addition to martial arts, weight training, and calisthenics, he and his family unplug as frequently as possible – enjoying the outdoors, cooking and family time. He, his wife and their two toddler daughters live in central NJ, while his adult children practice medicine and law respectively.

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