If You Micromanage Then You’re Not Managing with Richard Luna

Nov 10, 2023 | Hot Mess Hotline Podcast, Leadership Development

Richard Luna came to a hard realization when he said to himself, “If you micromanage, then you’re not managing.” As his business and team were growing, he learned — the hard way, of course! — that he was controlling too much: filtering 1,000+ emails a day; creating specific dispatch schedules; putting out fires; selling services; being the CEO, COO, CSO, and CTO; working 18-hour days, the whole shebang.

Anyone who is driven recognizes this workload. For those of us who have broad shoulders, like to control for a positive outcome, and are wired for decision making, we all get humbled at some point about the limitations of what we can carry. Plus there comes a point in any team and company where 1 leader simply can’t force growth any longer. You can’t use straight brute strength to make more projects or revenue happen. The law of diminishing returns kicks in.

This episode of the Hot Mess Hotline details how Richard Luna went from micromanaging to managing to leader using the beneficial parts of his drive and living out his core values. Both are equally important. Listen in to hear why.

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About Richard Luna

Richard Luna is a recognized national computer and IT leader with over 30 years in the field. His tech experience includes serving as IT Director (CTO) of U.S. News & World Report. Today, he is President and Founder of Protected Harbor and NetMagic Systems. The company has grown to more than over 30 employees and is a regional leader in providing managed IT services, data management, cybersecurity, software development and data center and technology planning and consulting for clients from multiple business sectors.

Prior to founding Protected Harbor, Richard started NetMagic Systems and wrote four commercial applications, including a password resetting system (NetMagic) that is used by many Fortune 100 companies, including Mellon Bank and CSC. NetMagic resets passwords on RACF, ACF2, Linux, Mainframes, Windows Servers, domains, websites and many other platforms. He was also the sole developer of the first Windows-based network management utility.

Richard is a sought-after speaker who frequently presents to groups from 20 to 400 about technology, data management and data storage design, public and private cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, computer applications and leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and increase profitability. He leads a dynamic team with staff in the United States and abroad that focuses serving client and engineering and designing custom solutions for clients.

He has been interviewed by multiple media outlets and has contributed to Joe Connolly’s popular business reports on technology for small businesses on NewsRadio CBS 880 in New York.

Richard is a recognized technology expert serving clients in the the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metropolitan market. He regularly shares is extensive knowledge with fellow business owners relating to IT services, computer support, computer networks, cybersecurity, wireless communications technology, data center design and hardware installations. For many years, he has maintained officer and leadership positions in multiple networking groups, including BNI and NJBN.

Working with computers and technology has always been a passion for Richard. After attending Case Western Reserve University, Richard designed the communications technology for the first digital signs used in New York City’s subway system.

About Protected Harbor

Founded in 1986, Protected Harbor is headquartered in Orangeburg, New York just north of New York City. A leading IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) the company works directly with businesses and not-for-profits to transform their technology to enhance efficiency and protect them from cyber threats. The company experience near 100 percent up time and have access to professionals 24/7, 365.

The company’s IT professionals focus on excellence in execution, providing comprehensive cost-effective managed IT service and solutions. Experts and engineers understand infrastructure design to network operations including security, storage, connectivity, monitoring, and much more. They ensure that technology operated efficiently and all systems communicate with each other seamlessly. 

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