Great Leaders Know They Lead Humans Not Robots with Denise Cooper

Oct 27, 2023 | Change Communications, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast, Leadership Development

Leaders lead humans and people working together, not robots working together. Denise Cooper and I explore this topic in a very frank conversation. We’ve gone off course with leadership when we think that multi-tasking and motivating all employees in the exact same way is going to work in the 21st century. 

Humans can’t multi-task; hell we’re not even supposed to have multiple priorities. (“Priority” was created in 1400 and “priorities” was created in the 1900s.) And each individual needs something slightly different to do their best work. But we still see leaders treating their folks like robots: same expectations, same hours, same communication, same motivations, multi-task everyday all day, and keep multiple plates spinning.

The most successful organizations of the future will choose their priority: what to focus on first. Listen in to learn more.

In this episode we mention a new kind of management framework that might be helpful for you to explore: Holacracy.

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About Denise Cooper

Denise Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Remarkable Leadership Lessons, a company founded over 10 years ago to assist C-suite, senior-level business leaders, and managers in raising their game as contributors to profitability.

Denise serves as an Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker, with a proven process for grooming diverse candidates for succession. She does this through one-on-one customized development plans, professional assessments, and time-proven case studies.
Her expertise and wisdom are grounded in neuro-leadership, behavioral & psychological principles along with 25 years of experience.

Denise has worked across a wide range of industries and organizations from Fortune 500 corporations, small to mid-market & nonprofit businesses. Change is impacting every aspect of business and executives need leadership skills that inspire trust, enable quick response times, clarify purpose and create work cultures where belonging and contribution are foundational principles.

About Remarkable Leadership Lessons

Remarkable Leadership Lessons is here to help when you need:

Assistance determining who you need to hire, and what you should be looking for in potential candidates.

Evaluation as to why your company is not meeting the high-performance level you know is possible.

More inclusion and acceptance among your employees in order to improve company morale, loyalty, and teamwork.

Ways to improve communication with your team, in order to make every voice heard and accepted.

Strategies and behaviors to add to your company culture in order to take it to the next level.

Coaching, courses, or workshops specifically designed for your company to spark growth.

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