Executive Coaching Services

Executive Coaching Services

You need new tools to lead your team to solve today’s problems and plan for tomorrow’s.

Signs you Need an Executive Coach

You feel like you have no control over your time or the agenda. You have too many choices, but no great choice. You might even wonder why they put you in charge and feel like an imposter most days.

You’re experiencing the pressure in multiple ways at your job and at home:

  • Delivering the results your CEO needs and getting your team’s buy-in
  • Taking care of aging parents while watching your kids grow up
  • Paying for college and saving for retirement
  • Making sure the last 20 years of your career are your most impactful

Being sandwiched between competing priorities sucks if you try to go it alone. You don’t have to.

As a mid-level leader, you’re going to need to find new ways of working during at least 3 critical points in your career:

  1. When you’ve plateaued and want to grow—but aren’t sure how to;
  2. When you had a tough situation or missed a big goal, and you want to be better prepared next time; or
  3. You’ve been promoted but aren’t sure what success looks like at this new level.

Sometimes you’re experiencing this because something needs to change with your team, and sometimes it’s you that needs to change. Either way, you’re having a hard time deciding what to fix next.

This is where an executive coach comes in.

What You’ve Already Tried Isn’t Enough to Fix This

You’ve read the leadership books, attended the workshops, and tried the tools on your own. But there comes a point when those just aren’t enough. You need and deserve one-on-one attention from an executive coach.

Chances are you’ve taken personality assessments before, but you probably didn’t spend enough one-on-one time talking about how your style affects how you communicate or creating a personalized action plan. Or maybe the problem was that you needed an accountability partner to really create new habits.

At this stage in the game, you need guidance from an executive coach who’s been where you’ve been and can keep you moving forward. Stefanie’s experience working as a mid-level leader and with managers, directors, vice presidents, and CEOs from across the country has given her the insight you need now.

Through executive coaching, you will inventory your strengths and weaknesses and develop an action plan to approach next-level leadership with confidence.

If you’re wondering, “What is executive coaching?”  and, “How will it help me specifically?” Book a discovery call.

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I hit a bump in the road. It became increasingly apparent that I had to learn new skills to help me lead rather than drive results. That’s where Stefanie’s guidance helped me become a better employee and a better manager. I learned to think about leadership in a different light. I learned how to challenge people in a way that made them feel the desire to do more for the team and for the company.

Using the skills I learned from Stefanie, I was able to transition into a new role in less than a year; a role specifically designed for talent management, learning, and developing others. Stefanie’s knowledge related to coaching has been instrumental in helping me learn to succeed in light of new demands and a changing cultural landscape.”

—Jamie, Director of Organizational Development and Learning


You have the choice to level up your business in many ways, but coaching is the most powerful and produces the best long-term results. These Stefanie Krievins & Co. clients share, in their own words, how coaching transformed them, their teams, and their businesses. They got the results they were seeking and so much more.

Experience Stefanie Krievins & Co.’s Executive Coaching

You wouldn’t buy a get-rich scheme, nor should you expect overnight success as a leader when you’re trying something new. Executive coaching is a longer process that requires investment. Most of Stefanie’s clients work with her through a multiple-month program.

If she recommends this process for you, you’ll learn simple—not easy—processes you can implement right away; and she’ll be right alongside you every step of the way.

You’ll learn how to make best practices the right practice through multiple reps. You’ll fumble around a bit trying new things, see some quick wins, and identify what success means for you at this stage in your life and career.

Typically Stefanie’s executive coaching program goes like this:

  1. Stefanie will meet with you and your boss to discuss next-level growth and what’s holding you back today. She’ll recommend between 1 and 6 months of coaching, with 2 sessions per month.
  2. You’ll complete scientifically-validated assessments and onboarding tools so you get exactly what you need from coaching.
  3. You and Stefanie will meet virtually or in her Indianapolis offices for your confidential sessions.
  4. During the program, you, your boss, and Stefanie will meet to discuss your progress and make any mid-course corrections.
  5. After you’ve completed your sessions, you, your boss, and Stefanie will meet again to celebrate your growth and create your next learning and development plan.

Executive coaching is a unique resource that can propel your progress and transform your leadership presence. Stefanie has a team of certified and trained coaches that might be the best fit for you. Find out more about coaching and how to find a small business coach in this video.

What have other leaders accomplished through Executive Coaching?

Stefanie works with leaders at all stages of growth. Some of the goals that past clients have achieved include:

  • Dealing with the stress that comes from a sales-oriented job.
  • Developing techniques to better lead and engage staff on projects. This includes beginning with a clear understanding of the assignment, being better equipped to meet the milestones needed to stay on time, and completing the project successfully.
  • Decreasing distractions and managing surprises to allow for more time to manage the most important work.
  • Creating actionable goals with each superior to initiate and follow-up on a consistent basis.
  • Improving mentorship capabilities for staff.
  • Being a thought leader with clients and bringing them more forward-thinking industry perspectives.

Every problem has a solution.