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Stefanie is a change management motivational speaker and her events are engaging, thought provoking, and turn inspiration into action. She offers keynote speaking, workshops, and webinars and is a frequent podcast guest. Her speaking topics focus on why change management initiatives fail and the simple ways leaders can fix them.


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February 21, 2024: “Be the Operations Leader that Delegates with Swagger…Not Fear”– COO Forum

February 23, 2024: “Driving Change in Your Organization: How to Focus on Transformation Despite Competing Concerns”– Rocky Mountain CIO

November 15, 2023: "Be the Leader without the Crystal Ball" - Institute for Digital Transformation

November 16, 2023: "Driving Change In Your Organization: How to Focus on Transformation Despite Competing Concerns - The Channel Company

November 9, 2023: "Leading Change" - TechPoint Leadership Academy

November 8, 2023: "Why Change Management Doesn't Work in 2023 and Beyond" - Association of Information Technology Professionals, Greater Wheeling Chapter Webinar

September 8, 2023: "Be a Leader with the Crystal Ball" - Tech Leaders Association

August 18, 2023: A Geek Leader Podcast - inspiring technical and creative leaders around the world

July 13, 2023: "Navigating the Messy Middle: Growth Strategies for Mid-Size Companies" - Closing the Gap Podcast

March 20, 2023: The CFO Corner Podcast

February 9, 2023: "Why Your Big Projects Never Seem to Get Off the Ground: The 1 Communication Mistake You're Making" - Charitable Advisors

January 26, 2023: "Leading Through Change" - TechPoint Leadership Academy

January 11, 2023: "Driving Change in an Organization" - Indianapolis CIO Network

January 3, 2023: CIO Leadership Are You Making Decisions or Just Building Consensus?”– RedZone Tech Hosted by Bill Murphy's 10x Podcast

December 1, 2022: Change and Influence with Stefanie Krievins” – IT in the D 450

April 20, 2021: "IT Leader Indianapolis' All IT Community Meeting," moderated by Stefanie and a panel of IT professionals.

January 19, 2021: "How to be a Pro Troublemaker," hosted by Society for Marketing Professional Services National Association

November 19, 2020: "How to have Difficult Conversations and Why You Need More of Them," a special presentation for the Gen X women of the VIP Center

October 15, 2020: "How to Use Your Pro Troublemaking Skills to Endure Business Changes," hosted by Society for Marketing Professional Services Indiana Chapter

August 19, 2020: "How To Develop Connection in a Virtual and Uncertain World," a joint webinar with Motivosity.

June 9, 2020: "How To Be a Pro Troublemaker: What it Takes to Actually Get People to Change" on The Forum for Workplace Diversity podcast. (After you've listened, you can also download Stefanie's guide to getting your team ready for change here!)

May 5, 2020:"Re-Opening Your Doors: A Back To Work Strategy That Actually Works." Download the full workshop with Stefanie Krievins, Julie Berry, and Jason Graf AND get a guide to creating your back to work strategy!

May 1, 2020:"Stefanie Krievins on Disaster Response: PSM Show with Josh Miles and David Lecours" podcast. (After you've listened, you can also download the guide Stefanie discussed here!)

April 22, 2020: "Leveraging Your Board: Making Smart Decisions During the COVID-19 Response," webinar with Johnson, Grossnickle & Associates.

March 11, 2020: "Changing Management Perspectives for More Diversity," a webinar with Julie Kratz of Next Pivot Point. (After you've listened, you can also download the free tool discussed here!)

March 10, 2020: "Dare to Be a Visionary: Take Your Game to the Next Level," Women in Leadership Conference session speaker, presented by Indy Crew in Indianapolis, Ind.

March 4, 2020: Leadership Book Swap, a networking event at the office of Stefanie Krievins & Co.

January 9, 2020: "10 Reasons People Won't Change: How HR Can Support Change Management Initiatives in Your Business," Eastern Indiana Human Resources Association.

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