Don’t Do What You’re Good At with Gary Hobbs

Sep 2, 2022 | Change Management, Focus, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast, Resilience

You’ve probably spent your entire life believing that you should do what you’re good at. Surely, if you’re a natural at something, then it’s your life’s calling, right? But what if you’ve been wrong all along? Gary Hobbs, electrical engineer turned entrepreneur, believes it’s the challenges you face, doing what you love, and doing what you’re GREAT at will drive your success.

In this episode of the Hot Mess Hotline, you will hear how important it is to weigh the risks of doing what you’re good at when you’re feeling unfulfilled. Can you find freedom by facing challenges and being fulfilled by chasing your passion? Gary took a leap that changed the course of his career. Although initially he felt like he made a big Hot Mess, what he really uncovered was his passion, his calling, and more success than he could have ever dreamed of. Exploring the tension of leaving a successful business for the unknown was a leap of faith, but it’s usually the biggest leaps that have largest rewards.

Join Gary and myself as we talk all things risk, reward, failure, success, and overcoming challenges on this interview. You will laugh along side us, learn several lessons listed below, but most of all, you will be challenged to ask yourself if you’re comfortable enough to step out from behind the ease of success to embrace the risk of facing challenges to uncover your greatest passions.

Here are a few lessons that Gary learned the hard way so we don’t have to:

  • More focus equals more success
  • Not all skills are transferable
  • Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should stick with it
  • Success is more than just money
  • If you can let go of what isn’t your work to do, you’ll see greater blessings
  • Increased confidence comes from overcoming challenges
  • Humility comes from understanding there are some external factors that could shut down your business or career
  • Use your faith and spirituality to stay grounded
  • Empathy is the ultimate leadership skill
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About Gary Hobbs

Gary Hobbs is an entrepreneur and former corporate executive with extensive experience in real estate, technology, education, and healthcare. He started his career as an electrical design engineer and has successfully migrated through the corporate ranks of companies like AT&T, Eli Lilly, and Roche Diagnostics. As an engineer, project manager, business executive, developer, and entrepreneur he has led organizations of up to four hundred people and budget responsibilities spanning well over $100M.

Currently, he is CEO for Black and White Investments, LLC. Gary founded BWI in 2005 as a development and construction management company. BWI’s target market is urban development within Indiana and their primary focus is multi-family and mixed-use tax credit developments.

About BWI

BWI, LLC is a construction, real estate development, property management, consulting and electrical firm in the greater Indianapolis area that focuses on not only construction management of general, large development projects, but also niche, energy-efficient urban revitalization projects. BWI has extensive capabilities helping clients design, develop and manage their projects with a special emphasis in electrical and eco-friendly, sustainable development. Their development and construction services can be accomplished under a consultative or design-build basis. BWI, founded in 2005, is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their number one aspiration is to bring hope to under-served urban communities via economic development that align with their Quality of Life aspirations and initiating in collaborative partnerships.