Case Study: Consulting Company CEO

Sep 13, 2022 | Case Study


Tom Ambler is the president and CEO of a growing IT consulting and software company. After working with many executive coaching companies in the past, Tom and his team were excited to find an all-in-one coaching service that offered both team and individual coaching as well as workshops to get hands-on practice with the concepts they were learning.


Tom and his team were facing an abundance of internal struggles and dysfunction in their organization. They knew that there were breakdowns in communication and struggles planning and developing vision. As president and CEO, Tom also wanted to get individual executive coaching to shift his leadership style from that of a peacemaker to someone who was willing to lean into conflict and seek resolutions to improve the entire company—not just to avoid conflict.


After using various forms of coaching in the past, Tom was seeking an all-in-one coaching plan that would allow coaching at both an executive level and a company level that included opportunities to practice the skills they were learning in workshops. Stefanie Krievins & Co. offered unique and personalized coaching that allowed his team to tackle the hard things that were causing dysfunction. Through the simple steps that trainers provided, the team was able to work through issues that had been weighing them down and now they are a single-minded, unified team who is focused on moving forward and using the skills they have learned to be successful in the future.


Stefanie Krievins & Co. took the company from dysfunction to unity through a personalized team coaching experience. Now, Tom has learned to lean into healthy conflict and he utilizes constructive debates to help his team members feel valued while helping them reach resolutions that are mutually beneficial. Because of the attention to detail and unique, personalized coaching experience, the entire team felt that their time with Stefanie Krievins & Co. was engaging, purposeful, and the content that they learned has driven conversations among team members and changed their individual thought processes. These are things that are going to impact the future of their company for years to come.

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