Action Can’t Get in the Way of Empathy with Don Monistere

Aug 4, 2023 | Change Communications, Change Management, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast

Action and empathy move at different speeds in companies. Don Monistere is a longtime IT leader who has driven a lot of change. He’s led the acquisition and merging of several companies and freely admits that plans on paper sometimes sound great and play out in the real world in a terrible way. He cares deeply about his people and he has a strong bias for action. For those of us who have a bias for action (me included) it’s easy for us to run over people, push them out of the way, or dismiss their concerns because it slows us or the result down. Bottom line is that we end up with less people following us because they don’t want to keep up, can’t keep up, or think we’ve lost our minds.

Listen in as Don describes how he now prioritizes listening and empathy over action and how that leads to more buy in.

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About Don Monistere

In his current role as CEO and President of General Informatics, an information technology company, Monistere is responsible for the strategic vision and day-to-day execution of their corporate plan to achieve the goal of organic growth as well as choosing the right acquisition partners that add value to the GI services portfolio and service delivery model.

Monistere’s tenure at General Informatics has been very productive. General Informatics has expanded their footprint from a Louisiana based business only headquartered in Baton Rouge, to a growing Information Technology company that serves the entire Southeast as well as portions of certain western territories such as Colorado and California, growing from less than 40 employees to more than 200 today.

Monistere has been a well-known executive for many years in the technology space and has been quite successful in his career as an executive in the Information Technology industry.

Don has a strong background in successfully leading information technology companies and his experience in sales, marketing, operations, and IT services helps organizations accelerate their growth trajectory, better serve their customers, and facilitate management frameworks that allow organizations like Vista, TekLinks, IBML and now General Informatics to scale their operations and prepare for hyper-growth

Monistere is also an author publishing “Enhanced Life Performance” in 2017 “Enhanced Executive Performance” in 2019 with his third in the trilogy “Enhanced Corporate Performance” that just came out in November of 2022.

All three books focus on an approach to life, career and business that allows you to achieve a flow state that Monistere describes as “Enhanced” He has used many of the techniques in these publications to create the success that he has achieved to date.

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