Let's talk about change management, project management, and what you need instead

We know why people do and don’t change. What they need to engage and motivate themselves in the transformation. And why your tech investment needs coupled with new leadership skills to create seamless customer experiences.

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Change Management Isn’t Project Management

But what if you had a strategic advisor and coach who could equip your people with the skills needed to influence digital and business transformation? We used to call these “soft” skills but they’re really the necessary skills of the 21st century.

Other consultants focus on just one aspect of transformation:

  • the perfect DX roadmap
  • technology implementation and training
  • Waterfall or agile processes
  • One person changing at a time

Instead you need a customized multi-level strategy that combines self leadership, team leadership, individual change skills, and organizational change management to build capacity and readiness for what the economy and your customers throw at you next. Or…better yet, equip your business to be the proactive trendsetter for your industry.

Change Management Assessments

Change Readiness Assessments

Get detailed insight into what’s working and what’s not.

Team training leadership program with Stefanie Krievins

Training & Coaching

Leadership development for individuals and teams to knock their goals out of the park.

Hire Executive Coach Stefanie Krievins as your Keynote Speaker


Spark new conversations and inspire action on stage or on the podcast mic.

Resilience training and coaching to develop stronger leaders


Online AND interactive courses to bring more skills to your people at scale.

You have the choice to level up your business in many ways, but coaching is the most powerful and produces the best long-term results. These Stefanie Krievins & Co. clients share, in their own words, how coaching transformed them, their teams, and their businesses. They got the results they were seeking and so much more.

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Why We May Not be the Best Fit

The Pro Troublemaker Nation team isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! You may not want to reach out if you:

    • think the reason you or your team can’t succeed is someone else’s fault and you’re not willing to look in the mirror.
    • want to blame the past more than design your future.
    • want someone to just give you specific directions on how to be successful.
    • don’t believe change is possible.
    • aren’t curious about next-level growth.
    • think you can just continue doing what you’ve been doing but somehow get the success you deserve.

We don’t believe any of that either. Let us show you how to create your next-level success!