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Succession Planning Plus

As you become the owner, stand out through your own leadership. Keep what was working, but add in your vision, expectations, and innovation.


Leadership Succession Planning

The transition from Baby Boomers owners to Gen X leaders is on like Donkey Kong. It’s our time to lead. We’ll honor the past and blaze a trail into the future.

You need and deserve a succession planning resource devoted just to you. As the future of the business, you’ll need to develop your own leadership style that’s separate from the current owner. You’ll need a confidential trusted advisor that keeps your best interests at heart and challenges you to take the reins in your own way.

What You’ve Already Tried Isn’t Enough to Fix This

​You’ve read some of the key books on succession planning and maybe even hired an HR consultant as you think ahead. There are plenty of resources that offer a succession planning template, but don’t work with the individual business owners to dive into what is succession planning and why is it important to your company specifically.

A traditional tool, like the 9-box, isn’t going to make this leadership succession planning any easier to implement. It might help when it comes to those who now report to you, but your transition from top leader to owner requires different tools.

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Stefanie Krievins is quietly brilliant and truly amazing! I felt stuck. I hired Stefanie to help me re-examine my business and help me get to the next level. Her experience and direction proved invaluable. She opened up my eyes to what I was doing and guided me toward ways to improve. It was her ability to listen and help me to self-evaluate myself that created the breakthrough for me. If you are a business owner looking for ways to improve your practice and you are willing to be open to Stefanie’s no-nonsense approach to constructive criticism you ought to hire her.”​

David, small business CEO


Experience Stefanie Krievins & Co.’s leadership succession planning

With Succession Planning Plus, the current and future owners can collaborate in a new way throughout the leadership transition. You’ll have a Stefanie Krievins & Co. coach as an advocate and to help shape your next leadership team.

We’ll work with you and your owner, as they wish to be included, for multiple coaching sessions.

Typically this leadership succession planning coaching program goes like this:

  1. Stefanie will meet with you and your current owner to discuss next-level growth and the transition timeline.
  2. You’ll complete scientifically-validated assessments and self-discovery exercises.
  3. She’ll recommend a coaching program based on your development and business maturity.
  4. You and coach will meet for your confidential sessions. Your current owner may be included in some sessions as part of the transition.
  5. During the program, you, the current owner, and your coach will meet to discuss your progress and make any mid-course corrections.
  6. After you’ve completed your sessions, you, the current owner, your coach, and Stefanie will meet again to celebrate your growth and create your next learning and development plan.

This transition will be like the many other big ones in your life: getting married, having children, sending them to college, getting divorced. It will be emotional and you’ll feel both excited and nervous. Get a partner by your side who’s in it with you.

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