Employee Resilience training

Employee Resilience Training and Coaching

You need your employees to show up stronger than ever. But the pandemic and turbulent world is taking a toll on their motivation, productivity, and wellbeing. Learn why employee resilience training can help you and them.


Employee Resilience Training

Your people are hurting and you know it. They’re balancing the demands of full-time parenting, more than full-time work, taking kids to college, picking them up from college, Zoom and change fatigue, and trying to understand how to serve the organization as best as possible right now.

Like them, you feel stuck. You have a business to run and you want to make sure it lasts well into the next decade. That can only happen if they show up too. You’re struggling with all the pivots but know that the future favors the bold. You have ideas to implement and need your employees’ buy-in and follow through.

But your rock stars are driving themselves into the ground. Your weaker employees are struggling to keep up on their best days.

You have managers who haven’t yet asked their direct reports, “How are you, really?” (And you have employees who don’t feel safe enough to answer this question honestly). Some of your people don’t even seem that stressed and it makes you go, “WTF??!!”

As the leader, you want to be empathetic. But you also need people to step up their game when you need them most. Economic downturns tend to bring out the best and worst in people, companies, and industries. Both weaknesses and strengths are highlighted.

Now is the time to ensure the best parts of your company and team help everyone to thrive. Your people need support to do that. Don’t put all that pressure on yourself. That’s where employee resilience training and coaching come in.

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What You’ve Already Tried Isn’t Enough to Fix This

Your people have access to an employee assistance program. You’ve been communicating with them as much as possible. You’ve been transparent and cut costs. You added new benefits and updated your handbook for strange times. You asked them to be as efficient as possible.

But your employees are still struggling and asking for more and more resources. You’ve done all you know how to do.

There are limits as to what an EAP can do to impact your people directly and consistently. A manager can only listen and offer solutions so many times before giving up.

Your employees need a neutral, confidential resource that actually creates action and real problem solving. Your company deserves to invest in a resource that produces real results while also providing mental wellness benefits.

Participants have told us about these wins from employee resilience training and coaching:

  • Completing project deadlines before the due date and significantly advancing major projects after dealing with the procrastination and overwhelm.
  • Having courageous conversations with boss
  • Creating a more realistic assessment of themselves
  • Implementation of time management strategies
  • In 1 department, 2 direct reports used their coaching sessions to articulate their needs and ask for clarity on the department’s focus during this time. After going to their manager, that manager then used her coaching sessions to define how to be a better leader for her team now because of their requests.

I am more aware of how my actions/reactions affect staff. By taking time to approach things with curiosity, I am able to be more intentional with my interactions.

Anonymous Resilience Coaching Client

Experience Stefanie Krievins & Co.’s Resilience Employee Training and Coaching

Training and coaching are time-tested resources that produce real results for individuals and organizations. Through this program, you’ll have a team of diverse, trained coaches to serve your people with professional, structured services.

It gives your people a way to vent for just a hot second, but then turn that frustration into awareness and action. It’s no longer okay to sit by and watch others do all the work or blame a colleague for missing a deadline. It’s also not okay for an employee to bear so much of the burden that they’re about ready to break.

Together, we’ll collaborate to customize a resilience program to meet your people’s needs and your budget. Here’s how:

  1. Stefanie and your program sponsors will craft a resilience program and marketing plan to meet your goals. You may want to maximize the number of participants or max out on the number of sessions each person participates, or something in between.
  2. You and Stefanie will distribute marketing materials, customized for your company.
  3. Stefanie and her team will manage all registration and coaching-delivery technology so your people’s participation remains confidential.
  4. Your coaching team will deliver professional, empathetic coaching, usually in 50-minute sessions during scheduled blocks of time dedicated to your company.
  5. You’ll receive reports and project management updates.
  6. Stefanie will administer an end-of-program survey to understand its impact.

Strange times require bold action for proven results. This employee resilience training and coaching could be the solution that propels your company forward—with heart and purpose.

Every problem has a solution.