Commit to Host Meetings that Make a Difference

Make meetings the best use of your time by learning what it takes to facilitate them with purpose, participation, and problem solving with the Kick Ass Meetings Masterclass online course.

What You’ll Learn

This masterclass has been designed for ambitious, busy leaders like you who are sick of wasting their time in meetings and not starting on the real work until everyone else has left for the day.

Meetings are a huge pain in the ass. You complain about them. You attend them and don’t know why. You pretend to listen but are daydreaming instead.

If you’re hosting one, you cross your fingers that your team finds value in the time together. You kind of do, but aren’t sure what to do with regular staff meetings.

The Kick Ass Meetings Masterclass was designed to show leaders how to make valuable use of really expensive time. Think about how much it really costs to have 3, 4, 5, 15 people in a room at the same time.

You can do things differently. Host fewer meetings. Host meetings that have a purpose to them. Host meetings where decision making and follow up is a given.

Why Meetings Suck

Tools to make them great and the role you play in that

Tech and Mindset Needed

Don’t let tech be the star of the show and the mindset you need to lead meetings

Different Meeting Types

Sometimes status update meetings are needed, but usually there are much better types

Bigger Isn’t Better

Effective meetings have a cap on size and frequency

Prep is a Secret Ingredient

Give people time to prepare and the tool to quickly create updates

Facilitating the Meeting

There are several roles needed for a productive meeting, and you don’t have to be all of them

Participation is Mandatory

Learn the facilitation skills necessary to hear from every single person in the meeting.

Action is What Matters

All meetings need action steps and a way to track progress. Learn a simple follow up process

For Mid-Level Leaders

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For Your Growing Business

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