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Meaningful change requires learning from new perspectives.

It’s not enough to say you want to grow in your career. Your actions as a leader or executive must create new results at work and with the people you lead. In order to do that, you must shift accountability across the entire team, not just leave it in the hands of your overachievers. That’s where Stefanie Krievins and her Pro Troublemaker collaborators come in.

This team works with Inc. 5000 companies, companies already on a Best Places to Work list, accounting firms, marketing consultants, mid-size nonprofits, IT Teams, and many other leaders and organizations who are looking to create lasting business or cultural change. There’s a Pro Troublemaker expert that can add change management and leadership insight to your expertise.

It’s time to add some more innovation, focus, and strategic direction to your work. The team below will make that happen.

Meet the Success Team!


Stefanie is our president and leader. Because change is now the oxygen we breathe and plans don’t equal action, she designs programs for continuous learning and organizational capabilities, especially with IT teams. This framework is The Change Architecture. 

She’s also the host of the Hot Mess Hotline, a podcast for ambitious leaders who want to drive impactful change. Founded in 2014, The Change Architects is a small and mighty team full of IT, learning and development, HR, and coaching experts. They’ve worked with companies and teams from 5 to 50,000 employees across all sectors. 

Her coach training is in solution-focused methodology from Erickson International and she’s a member of the International Coach Federation. She also holds a master’s degree and undergrad from Indiana University.

Stefanie is the original Pro Troublemaker. She gets to live this mission every day: guiding leaders and organizations toward clarity and focus so they can start innovating and growing again. 


Becca serves as the Chief of Staff at The Change Architects, where her primary responsibility is to unify the faculty and success teams, so all of our clients have a cohesive and exceptional brand experience.

Beginning her career in human resources, Becca’s professional journey has been marked by diverse experiences, including consulting for numerous tech startups, managing international teams, and assuming ownership of ad-hoc projects spanning Finance, IT, Marketing, and HR functions.

When asked what makes her a Pro Troublemaker, Becca says, “I take an optimistic and curious approach to solving problems that exist which often leads to uncovering new opportunities to build solutions for clients. I am adaptable but try to consistently guide strategic planning and execution towards the north star (read: the long-term vision/mission) and I love collaborating with a team to ensure all potential solutions have been vetted and experiences leveraged.”

Beyond her professional endeavors, Becca devotes her free time to various pursuits. She is an enthusiastic volunteer as a Trail Ambassador, a program she built with the US Forest Service. Additionally, you can often find her engaged in DIY projects related to her properties across the US or dedicatedly training for ultramarathons.



Rob is our Client Success Manager. He’s dedicated to ensuring our clients achieve their goals. His detailed approach and friendly demeanor make him a trusted ally for our clients. Whether it’s fine-tuning strategies or celebrating milestones, Rob is there every step of the way. 

Rob has 15+ years of experience helping IT teams transform their support and service delivery practices. He is deeply passionate about people, processes, and technology and loves to be in the middle where all three intersect. From his beginning in the nonprofit space, he has had opportunities to work with outstanding teams in the SaaS, consulting, and manufacturing fields.

When asked what makes him a Pro Troublemaker, Rob says, “I love looking for and finding unique ways to streamline operations and processes. Sometimes, that means breaking things, and although change can be difficult, there is nothing better than finding efficiencies in a process that can reduce time spent on operational tasks.” 



Lea is the glue that holds all the operations together, supporting Stefanie, and making sure all back-office support for The Change Architects is done efficiently and on time. 

When asked what makes her a Pro Troublemaker, Lea says, “I have this amazing ability to solve operational puzzles and find a way to turn, ‘That’s not possible.’ into ‘Here’s how we’re going to tackle this.’” After becoming a trained pastry chef, she led a custom pastry shop and managed large-scale catering events. Because she loves to learn, she also has a certificate in HR management.

Lea says this about our clients, “Small business leaders make things happen. They just get things done. Checking items off a to-do list is my favorite thing to do in my workplace. I like to help others cross things off their to-do list as well.”

In her free time, you’ll find her whipping up homemade chocolate chip cookies in less than 20 minutes.



Asha is the Visual Communications Specialist for The Change Architects. Her role is to create visual representations, change architecture communication tools, and messaging for our clients to share with their stakeholders.

Asha is a passionate Graphic Designer and Scientific Illustrator with over 20 years of experience in both print and web media. She also has a proven ability to deliver a project from concept to final product with a detail-oriented eye and creative flair. 

When asked what makes her a Pro Troublemaker, she says, “I enjoy doing the hard work while having a good time. I like thinking through things with others to be creative in the work.”

Asha is an education junkie, and the projects that she is most proud of are the ones where she is able to collaborate with her clients to create beautifully designed, effective final products that educate and influence their target audiences. 



Sarah is the Instructional Designer for The Change Architects. Her role is to create interactive and engaging online courses that create change for our clients.

Sarah’s experience is in instructional design, program support, and project consulting. She thrives off connecting with others and enjoys the planning and details of work.

When asked what makes her a Pro Troublemaker, Sarah replies, “I enjoy doing hard quality work while having a good time. I like thinking through things with others to be creative in the work.”

Sarah loves being able to help organizations with projects that help break down the big picture into details that become reality. She has a great attention to detail and wants our clients to be proud to call the work theirs.




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Meet the Faculty!


Nikki spent a 20+ year career working in technology teams to deliver complex projects with direct and matrixed leadership. She understands complexity and loves to solve puzzles. When she works with clients who aren’t sure what they need, Nikki helps them to figure out where to go based on the clues they give her.

Nikki helps leaders and teams bounce back from setbacks, change, and disappointment. Starting with gaining a clarity of vision and a common language to use to work better together, she supports the shifts necessary to move from setback to bounce back or bounce forward. 

Nikki’s top Pro Troublemaker skill is her curiosity. Clients will love Nikki’s use of metaphor and humor in their work together. Her clients are often surprised at how much is accomplished in a short time. One client recently shared with Nikki that the new perspectives they get when working with her helps them to solve problems better and faster.

Nikki is a certified professional coach and holds a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation. She is also certified in Energy Leadership from iPEC and am a Certified DNA Behavior Consultant and earned a BA in Psychology and an MBA.




Deseri works with top-level executives, directors, managers, and business owners to provide transformational coaching, team building support, and leadership development. Her goal is to genuinely connect with people and identify with them in an effort to improve both team and personal effectiveness. 

Deseri began coaching and leadership development work in 2004. Prior to that, she spent nearly 20 years in corporate America, working in international business development, operations, and sales for shipping and logistics companies.

When asked what makes her a Pro Troublemaker, Deseri says, “I love to get shit done! That coupled with a strong desire to help individuals grow, learn, and be better leaders. Better leaders foster powerful teams that are collaborative, high performing, get shit done and change the world. I won’t step over much. I make direct requests. I give straight advice and I expect your best.”

Deseri is an accredited facilitator of 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team; and certified in ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology), Coaching Clinic–Corporate Coach U, and Predictive Index. She has a bachelor’s degree in small business and entrepreneurship. She’s a multi-sport adventure racer/endurance athlete and has completed seven marathons, including the Boston Marathon in 2000 and 2002.




As a career and leadership development coach and expert, Tedra helps people be the best of who they have been called to be. She equips her clients with the tools and strategies that help guide them, as they take the consistent actions needed to get to where they desire to be.

She uses her 20+ years of experience working and leading in business, higher education, and nonprofits to change the way women engage as leaders. She understands the importance of women’s voices being heard.

When asked what makes her a Pro Troublemaker, Tedra says, “I disrupt mindsets, empower others, and bring value by educating, engaging, and equipping others with the skills necessary to reach their greatest level of performance and career fulfillment.”

Tedra holds 2 degrees from University of Georgia, making her a Double Dawg of UGA; plus, an MPA from the University of West Georgia. Additionally, she holds an Advanced Certification in Communication with True Colors International and is a certified John Maxwell Team member. When she is not empowering others, she is spending time with her husband and 2 wonderful and talented children.


Kathy supports our clients with strategic planning and custom training. For more than 25 years, she has helped organizations adjust their actions for maximum positive social impact. To that end, she has assisted nonprofit and for-profit organizations in defining, developing, and delivering superior services and philanthropic initiatives. 

A skilled facilitator and business strategist, Kathy currently serves as the Indianapolis Chapter Chair of the Women’s Presidents’ Organization. She is also a faculty member in The Fund-Raising School at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and The O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs Graduate Program. She’s also a highly sought-after speaker on B-Corp certification and corporate responsibility.

When asked what makes her a Pro Troublemaker, Kathy says, “I am a curious person that enjoys looking for creative solutions. I also enjoy being ‘in the trenches’ with clients. It’s frequently lonely at the top and leaders are expected to know everything.”


Drawing from nearly 30 years of experience as a COO and CEO, Scott helps Gen X leaders who are successful yet dissatisfied with the uncertainty of where their life and business is headed. He concentrates on helping owners of small to midsize companies create clarity and design a comprehensive life and business plan. He helps not only with strategy but secures solid traction through an iterative approach. Scott’s clients are reaching new heights and accomplishing much more than they ever thought possible.

As a Pro Troublemaker, Scott focuses on creating clarity first, helping clients to reveal their many options when they might normally feel backed into a corner. Clients will find that Scott is genuinely interested in what they do, is committed to closing the gap between “where they are” and “where they want to be,” and that his goal is to create a fun and engaging experience during the important work of coaching.

Scott is a Certified through ILCT (Institute of Life Coach Training) and is proud of working with his long term clients.He is also extremely proud of his husband, father, and “Pop Pop” to his grandkids. He loves to play piano, work on spreadsheets, and explore coffee shops.


Una is the Communications Consultant for The Change Architects. Her role is to help our clients craft the best communication strategies to reduce friction and accelerate enthusiastic engagement in your organization’s change.

After spending over a decade in businesses small and large, Una shifted gears from leading a team to supporting teams — because writing is hard, but somebody has to do it! Bringing a background in sales, leadership, and business communication, Una helps teams breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to written communication and strategy.

Una brings a dash of humor and a serious commitment to efficient processes. She’s a collaborative writer and editor, sharing in your communication goals. When asked what makes her a Pro Troublemaker, she says, “I’m never afraid to ask questions and while I love consistency and predictability (who doesn’t?!) my ability to adapt and problem solve collaboratively makes me a Pro Troublemaker.”

When she’s not writing, she enjoys doing “research” on TikTok, time in nature, and homeschooling her son.

Why You Shouldn’t Reach Out

Stefanie Krievins and her team know the Pro Troublemaker mindset isn’t for everyone and that’s okay! You may not want to reach out if you:

    • think the reason you can’t succeed is someone else’s fault and aren’t willing to look in the mirror.
    • want to blame the past more than design your future.
    • think there’s only one way to be successful
    • don’t want to believe you’re a badass.
    • aren’t curious about next-level growth.
    • think you can just continue doing what you’ve been doing but somehow get the success you deserve.

As executive coaches we don’t believe any of that either. We’re here to support your next-level success!